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5′ Apex Series Solid Sidewall Kit


5×5 Solid Sidewall Kits are perfect for encapsulating a small space and protecting sales and promotional items from the elements.

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Apex Solid Sidewalls are designed to offer year round enjoyment for the Apex Canopy System. All sidewalls are constructed from the same heavy duty fabric as the tops. The Apex Series walls come with full-width Velcro across the top edge that allows for a tight, smooth seal with the valance of the canopy. They also have fully zippered ends for mating to other sidewalls, and each have Velcro tabs for attaching the wall to the legs of the canopy for maximum strength. All Apex Series sidewalls zip together at their ends. They are designed so that any combination of mesh walls, window walls or solid walls can zip together for maximum flexibility in the setup of the Apex Canopy System. All Apex sidewalls are designed for use with Apex canopies in either of 2 positions, With the canopy legs extended to the highest position, the lower edge of the walls hang approximately 4 inches from the ground. This allows for airflow under the canopy, and keeps the sidewalls from being damaged by being dragged on the ground. When the canopy is set in the third highest position the lower edge of the wall is at ground level, thereby keeping wind and rain from the canopy. Apex Solid Sidewalls can also be screenprinted. Contact us for details.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in
Apex Colors

Classic Red, Midnight Blue, Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Snow White